On a Positive Note

[Injected Orange]
I just gave myself another injection and it actually went quite alright. I practiced with an orange first. Also, having a prescription in hand for the next shot was extremely reassuring – if I screw it completely up, I’m not SOL. And when I talk to the doctor about how much I hated needles, it was kind of ok. I have an idea that if I was adequately dedicated, I would just ignore all my needle worries and jump into it with no hesitation. Of course, I know intellectually that this is silly. She just said, “oh, we’ll have to find another way for you to take it, then.” and that was it.

And somehow the badness of last time was calming instead of unnerving. “Well, at least I’m not filming. When I get this done, I can go make a soundtrack for that film.”
So a positive note instead of doom and gloom. I wish, though, that I’d been slightly less focussed on the task at hand. That orange didn’t have a damn bit of booze in it. For shame.

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