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Scott is talking about beast mulch, which is still unreleased,
there are calsses for controllers, like hardware. There’s a plugin framework to easily extend stuff. BMPulginSpec(‘name’, {|this| etc. . . .

multichannel stuff and swarm granulation, etc.

kd tree class finds closest speaker neighbor

if you want beastmulch, get it from scott’s website

there’s speaker classes, BMSpeaker

BMInOutArray does associations.

beast mulch is a big library for everyone. Everything must be named. There are time references, like a soundflile player;

trying to be adaptible. 100 channels or 8, make it work on both. Supports jit and stems.

a usage example: can be used live. Routing table, control matrixes. Pre and post processing use plugins

i NEED to download this & use it.

. . .

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