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The band I’m in had a gig recently, on the night of the election. Helen wrote a song([MP3]) about the Tory party leader, who, alas, has become the new Prime Minister. I made a video for the song.
The gig went well.
A few days before that, I put together a last-minute set for a noise show. That gig was a bit unnerving, as I had a lot of technical problems. However, I got a surprisingly good review of the mp3 that I posted. The part that’s gone to my head says, ” . . . that digital squeal that’s the laptop equivalent of Hendrix’s burning guitar . . ..” (It was an analog chaos patch and not actually feedback, but that’s well beside the point.)
In other creative musical news, I actually finished a piece (pending seeing my supervisor). There’s a few different ways to finish a piece and one of them is to become so filled with hatred that “finishing” it is an act of putting a stake through it’s heart. This is one of those cases.

Other Stuff

I have a girlfriend, who I never blog about and whom I’m not going to start blogging about, except to mention here that she exists.
Um, I don’t know, when people ask me about my life, I just talk about what I’ve been working on. Apparently, this is common for PhD students. Speaking of which, I’m now officially going to be at uni for the optional fourth year.
I’ve gotten word of my name change to both my phone companies. My bank invented a law that says they can only deal with a name that matches government ID. Or maybe it’s a real law, I don’t know. I’m going to try opening a new account someplace else. I hate my bank. The last shrink I saw at Charing X said he would write a letter such that I could get a provisional drivers license learning permit what ever it is with the right gender marker, but I haven’t heard anything about that. My next appointment is next week, so I’ll bring it up then. It would solve my bank problem. Otherwise I have no idea why they want me to see another shrink. I’m still the same amount of sane as last time.
I still live in the same place with the same dog and go to the same university, so not much is changing, which is nice.

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  1. Congratulations, Monsieur Les. Glad to read there is some love and stability in your life. Glad to hear you are still making your way in London, too.

    By the way, in reference to a note you left at my blog, somebody should write a good history of the Theosophists, from Madame Blavatsky to the present moment. It would be fascinating.

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