It’s time for everybody’s favourite collaborative real time network live coding tool for SuperCollider.
Invented by PowerBooks UnPlugged – granular synthesis playing across a bunch of unplugged laptops.
Then some of them started Republic111, which is named for the room number where the workshop where they taught stuff.
Code reading is interesting in network msic partly because of stealing, but also to understand somebody else’s code quickly, or actively understand it by changing it. Live coding is a public or collective thinking action.
If you evaluate code, it shows up in a history file, and gets sent to everybody else in the Republic. You can stop the sound of everybody on the network. All the SynthDefs are saved. People play ‘really equally’ on everybody’s computer. Users don’t feel obligated to act, but rather to respond. Participants spend most of their time listening
Republic is mainly one big class, which is a weakness and should be broken up into smaller classes hat can be used separately. Scott Wilson is working on a newer versions which on github. Look up ‘The Way things May Go on Vimeo’.
Graham and Jonas have done a system which allows you to see a map of who is emitting what sound and you can click on it and get the Tdef that made it.
Scott is putting out a call for participation and discussion about how it should be.

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