Live Blogging the Sc Symposium – Flocking by Colin Clark

Flocking – audio synthesis in javascript on the web

audio synthesis framework written in javascript

specifically intended to support artists

Inspired by SC

Web is everywhere

programming environments that have graphical tools

Flocking is highly declarative

Synth graphs declares trees of names unit generators – you write data strictures, not code

Data is easy to manipulate

  synthDef: {
    ugen: "flock.ugen.sinOsc",
    freq: 440
    mul: 0.25

He skips the Rate:”audio” because that’s the default.

  synthDef: {
    ugen: "flocl.ugen.sinOsc",
    freq: 440
    mul: {

It handles buffers and whatnot, but not multichannel expansion.
Scheduling is unreliable…but works

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