Creative Pact Day 3

So I’m doing the Creative Pact, but I’m a day behind because I didn’t hear about it until September 2nd. My project is to write a vocal piece wth a computer generated score in real time.
I don’t have a lot to report today. I learned some facts:

  • There is a new release of SCMIR
  • It is totally possible to serve fonts across the web for viewing web pages. You use a thing in CSS called @font-face
  • There is a new initiative for standardisation in music fonts called SMuFL (pronounced ‘smooful’). Compliant fonts implement the unicode section for music fonts and then have a bunch of additional musical symbols.
  • The font that ships with LilyPond, Bravura implements SMuFL and looks alright.
  • (The tattoo on my arm is bass clef in the font that shipped with Sibelius 3. What font is that?)

I can’t do a proper demo of this because fonts included in a web page need to be served from the same server as the webpage (at least for firefox users), but this style.css bit sets the font to Bravura for the whole of a webpage:

@font-face {
  font-family: Bravura Regular;
  src: local("Bravura Regular"),
    url(Bravura.otf) format("opentype");
body {
  font-family: Bravura Regular, Sonata, sans-serif; 

That uses the local copy of Bravura, if it’s already on your machine, or downloads it if not. If somehow that goes wrong, it uses the Sonata font instead. When I get a chance, I’ll upload a proper demo to my website, doing a table of all the musical symbols. But probably not tomorrow, as I’m going ot have dental surgery in the morning and will probably feel rotten later in the day.

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