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Having my mouth cut open took a bit more out of me than I expected. I have nothing new to share about rendering graphics with font symbols in javascript, but here are some js libraries that can do OSC, which will be needed for a later stage of this project. I was looking these up for another project that needs to both send and receive OSC. I don’t want to have to learn two different OSC libraries, so even though this project only needs to receive, I’m only interested in libraries that do both. All of these seem to be built on top of another library called Node.js

  • Kievii does a lot more than I need, but there’s OSC in it too.
  • OSC-web has some proxy stuff which could be useful for later projects
  • OSC-min is a minimal implementation that does everything I need
  • The website for Node.js has a list of popular OSC implementations

Back to rendering graphics soon. I’ve been reading an introduction to javascript, which is way too basic, but a place to start. After that, I think what I need to know about is probably canvas, so I’ll be reading about that.
Also, obviously, I need to think about symbols that are not just bits of music notation font. If I also want to use text, I either need to write some or find something that I can use, such as a philosophical text or poem. If I want the text to be related to the mechanics of the piece, it should be about sounding and listening. There’s some odd text on this theme that I remember from the very start of Noise Water Meat, so I might go looking for that in translation. I really do need to make some paper sketches soon or there’s a risk that I’ll just be making a real-time, machine-listening, pastiche of Redhead and while that would be great fun, I do want to make this my own.
I’m also sort of wondering how I want to page changing to work. Do I want the boxes to just fade in and then fade out? Do I want them to move their location on the screen? Do I want them to change size? Should the elements within them stay fixed? I’m thinking that if the box is moving or changing size, the stuff in it can’t also move or it’s too much.

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