The future is a site where you can watch people write code live. Like write a text editor. Because this is what’s entertaining in the 21st century. It’s meant to be educational.

It is also apparently only men.

Breathing code is another public coding platform. Or a conference, rather. Or something that lost money.

FARM workshop on functional art, music, modeling and design was a success.

TopLap is or was a fun community. It needs more participation.

Computational literacy. Chris Hancock in 2003 wrote real-time programming and the big ideas of computational literacy. It emphasises experience. Real time code makes for real time interaction.

Here is a slide showing a continuum between bodies and theories. Live coding is somewhere in the middle. Action thinking with live coding.

What next?

Q: are performances meant to be an academic or  scientific exercise or how should it be curated?

Maybe instead of a conceptual frame work instead a description of the kind of output or environment?

For an academic conference, things should have some novelty.

Things could be partly open call and partly curated. Curators need to be somewhat neutral.

Dance music is interesting and can be rigorous, or is that even a valuable thing to aspire to?

Livecode.TV is not an open platform.  We could take live streaming out to the wild. Interact with normal people.

Which performances should be public?

What about other at forms?

Could there be some youth outreach in the next conference?

Kids algorave or some such

Algorave school dances

Trying to avoid product oriented output.

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