Analysis Paralysis and a Bag of Bad Ideas

Live blogging AMRO.

Sophie Carolina Wagner and Rosemary Lee

A very quick overview of her her arts practice Open a glam lab.

They are here to talk about climate despair etc. How do we carry on in these times? The UN warns of total social collapse but also wants growth in an extinction economy.

Can technology help? The political parties don’t understand tech and just want to spy on us.

tech is fragile. Taking down leftpad broke thetech giants. Machines are not sentient and this is distracting for the real problems of AI.

Artists are stuck in capitalism.

There are no good manifestos. We have only bad ideas.

Now Rosemary says: she’s researching algorithmic processing in image production. Her forthcoming book is Algorithm Image Art. Machine learning is new, but the issues it raises aren’t. Value, authorship, meaning and truthfulness of photos can be exploredthrough media archeology. A deep time perspective of media allows us to apple a historical analysis.

Machine learning is responsibility absolving for corporations. Artists are asked to “perform ethics” around these systems. Artists are treated as reformers of technology. They want to make art but are stuck eemediating technology.

Personal responsibility and online image consumption will not help save the world.

They want to start an open dialogue. The personal, the political, the emotions. We are stuck in doom. Can art do anything? Should art even?

We should at least talk about this. Are we being instrumentalised? Are we equipped to deal with this? We can barely pay our rent. Funding situations do not lend themselves to good art, let alone critical engagement.

Is mutual aid part of theway forward?

Glitches can make some space for us maybe.

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