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Tim from Time’s Up.

A laboraey butory for the construction of experimental and experiential situations. Artifacts help thinking. Play helps thinking. Kids learn through play and adults can too.

Narrative is how we understand things.

They have possible futures. There is not one set determined future.

They build spaces to explore ideas and possible futures. They “roomify” it to create experiences and narratives. Experiences are memorable and build understanding.

immersice spaces are social. Doing things socially, in public, changes us.

they built an imaginimaginry town 25 years in the future. Turnton. Spaces in real lifehave things for the people inthem, ideals they want to convey and things left out accidentally.

They use headphones in the bar to simulate overheard conversations.

Turnton is a mixed model.of insufficient action but with utopic elements.

an experiential future makes abstract scenarios feel present.

they like Kim StanStanley Robinson. They like cocreation to bring in many perspectives.

social dreaming is a way to get groups to think about possible futures.

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