HOWTO: Get gmail via POP on the N800

(There’s always a missing step.)

First and foremost, just delete the gmail attempt you made before stumbling across this webpage. You can have two gmail accounts going, even if the not-quite-working version isn’t the default. I don’t know if you have to delete all your other accounts or just the other gmail accounts. (This is the missing step).
Next: enable POP in Gmail.
Then, open mail on your device and do the following (from:

  1. In the email app menu, select Accounts -> New Account
  2. On Screen “1/4”
    Account Name: gmail
    Account Type: pop3
  3. Screen 2/4
    User name:
    Email Address:
  4. Screen 3/4
    Incoming Server:
    Outgoing Server:
  5. Screen 4/4. Click Advanced.
  6. Incoming Tab:
    Retrieve: Messages and Attachments
    Leave Messages on Server: [x]
    Password Authentication: Normal
    Security: SSL
    Incoming email Port: 995
  7. Outgoing Tab:
    SMTP Authentication: Login
    User name:
    Security: SSL
    Outgoing email Port: 465

NOTE it is important to use “” as the login name because
this will allow MULTIPLE email clients to get mail from gmail via Pop (eg,
when using BOTH the N800 and Outlook). If “recent:” is not used then only ONE Pop
client will be able to get the emails from the server (first come first serve).