Looking for tuba in all the wrong places

londonjack76: hello there
londonjack76: how r u doing???
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: i’m looking for a sousaphone
electrogirls: do you have one?
londonjack76: what is that ??
londonjack76: please explain
electrogirls: it’s a type of tuba designed for playing while walking or marching
electrogirls: a regular tuba would be ok too, as long as there was a way to walk with it
londonjack76: hehe i am so stoned
londonjack76: and i can barely understant
londonjack76: d
londonjack76: what is a tuba
electrogirls: a tuba is a musical instrument.
electrogirls: it’s very low and usually made out of brass (but someties also plastic)
electrogirls: it sounds like “oompa oompa”
londonjack76: ahh wow i was so confused
londonjack76: i thought is was some sex tool
londonjack76: hehehe
electrogirls: there’s like 3 or 4 feet tall and weigh 60 lbs. you’d need a big bed to have sex with a tuba involved
electrogirls: they’re wide too
londonjack76: escellent
londonjack76: sexcellent
electrogirls: i guss not that much bigger than a really fat fifth grader
londonjack76: tahts good
londonjack76: so sorry no i dont have one
londonjack76: heheh are were you expecting me to have one of those??
electrogirls: maybe you have a friend with one?
londonjack76: comeon now
londonjack76: hehe i dont think so
electrogirls: i’m looking for a cheap one to play during anti-war riots
electrogirls: i don’t want to take my good one out in the street in case it gets clubbed by a cop or hit with a tear gas canister
londonjack76: yeah i agree with you
londonjack76: nopes i dont sorry
electrogirls: it would totally suck if a tear gas canister went in the bell (the bell is then end that sound comes out of, about 4 feet in diameter)
londonjack76: so your going to the riot??
electrogirls: you’d probably never be able to play it again without accidentally gassing people
electrogirls: well, i try to avoid riots
electrogirls: they’re dangerous
londonjack76: i know
londonjack76: are a cute women ??
londonjack76: if you are dont go
electrogirls: but sometimes you can be marching down the street, minding your own vuisiness with a few hundred other people, just blocking traffic and playing tunes
electrogirls: and then suddenly cops with tear gas and clubs are after you
londonjack76: hehe guys will be all after you ( drunk guys )
londonjack76: heheh
electrogirls: the women being arrested in san francisco on thursday were really really vute
electrogirls: cute
electrogirls: after guys started seeing them being arrested, tey went out to be arrested too
londonjack76: heheh i wouldlove to be arrested with a cute women
londonjack76: why dont we get arrested together
londonjack76: 🙂
electrogirls: anti-war protesters are hela cute
electrogirls: hella
electrogirls: (hella means “very”)
electrogirls: well, getting arrested would be fun, but a i need a cheap sousaphone first
londonjack76: ahh
londonjack76: hehe you and the sousaphone
londonjack76: hehe
electrogirls: a sousaphone is a tuba kind of shaped like a hula-hoop
electrogirls: you see them in marching bands
londonjack76: yeah i get it
londonjack76: now i know

PgP Chat

One of my old bosses, of whom I am fond, is off on another startup venture. I think startups are like chasing rainbows for gold. Anyway, I was asking another individual about it. Apparently, people work for no money in the hope of getting cash from venute capitalists. It’s nice to know that some thigns never change. I was so tickled by this, that I inquired further about what the company is doing.
They’re making software so that companies can spy on their employees instant messenger, ICQ, AIM, etc conversations.
Venture capitalists are very excited. Now, there is buisiness around in the valley, but it’s all like this. Everything profitable is related to homeland security somehow. Everybody wants to get rich by spying on everybody else. Obviously, this is no more sustainable than the last “new economy.” I think this iteration of struggling startips ought to be called the “big brother economy.” Partly because of all the spying. Partly because the economy stinks.
Well, this is far from the free-spirited adventurism I used to expect from this guy. You can’t go home again, as they say. Anyway, what is needed is PGP chat. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It’s a form of encryption where things are encrypted with somebody’s public key, but they can only be decrypted wit that person’s private key. So you can share your public key with the world and people can use it to send message which only you can read. Don’t ask me how this works, I have no idea. But it’s well suited to chat applications, since you can have secure conversations with anybody else who has PGP. So either Yahoo, AOL and microsoft need to add PGP to their applications, or a third-party product, like Fire, needs to add it. Fire is cool because it can communicate with all of the popular chat networks. One application signs you into Yahoo, AOL, etc. this application could add a PGP encyption layer, so that other users f Fire could have secure chats over existing networks. If your boss wants to spy on your AIM conversations, obviously, the AIM port is open. So use the existing protocol for the existing port, but encrypt all the messages.
someone else gets to write this, but here’s an idea that will make you no money. VCs are not excited about non-big brother projects. Sorry. Maybe your boss would just shut down all AIM if you encrypt it. In my mind, it’s better to lose all AIM rather than be spyed on. My old boss’ product must obsoleted before it gets out in the world and makes trouble. Anyway, anyone who wonders why I would give up a career in programming to do music, here’s your answer. The hands that hold the computer purse strings are evil and I want none of it. Somebody come tell me when the anarchosocialist economy takes over.

The IM people are getting to me

playa_fo_life53032: hey
playa_fo_life53032: asl
playa_fo_life53032: hello
playa_fo_life53032: hey
playa_fo_life53032: hello
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hey hello
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: saluton!
electrogirls: asl
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hey
electrogirls: hello
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: hi

More IM Converation

christopherff2002: Hello there.
electrogirls: saluton!
christopherff2002: How are you this afternoon?
electrogirls: bone!
electrogirls: kaj vi?
electrogirls: (i made new years resolution to only IM in esperanto. don’t worry, there’s a dictionary at lernu.net that you can use to translate)
electrogirls: kiel vi fartas?
christopherff2002: Lovely.
electrogirls: bona. kie vi logxas?
electrogirls: mi logxas en Kalifornio
electrogirls: mi estas 26 jara ino en Kalifornia, kaj vi?
christopherff2002: How do you use the site?
electrogirls: log in as a guest. there’s a dictionary in the top right hand corner
christopherff2002: password?
electrogirls: click on the link “click here to log in as a guest”
electrogirls: it’s on the right, at the top of the list
christopherff2002: I don’t have the time for learning all this at work, take care.
electrogirls: gxis la revido!

Instant Messenger One-sided Conversation

dahdah35: hi
dahdah35: how r u ???
electrogirls: fine. r u a dadaist?
dahdah35: what is this!!!
electrogirls: me must sharpen our airplanes to bayonett the heads of sumatran babies bang bang
electrogirls: dada signifies nothing
dahdah35: i dont know
dahdah35: !!!
dahdah35: so asl plz
dahdah35: 🙂
dahdah35: where r u 😕
dahdah35: :/
electrogirls: Dada is our intensity: it sets up inconsequential bayonets the sumatran head of the german baby; Dada is life without carpet-slippers or parallels; it is for and against unity and definitely against the future; we are wise enough to know that our brains will become downy pillows that our anti-dogmatism is as exclusivist as a bureaucrat that we are not free yet shout freedom –

electrogirls: A harsh necessity without discipline or morality and we spit on humanity. Dada remains within the European fram of weaknesses it’s shit after all but from now on we mean to shit in assorted colors and bedeck the artistic zoo with the flags of every consulate
electrogirls: We are circus directors whistling amid the winds of carnivals convents bawdy houses theaters realities sentiments restaurants HoHiHoHo Bang

electrogirls: We declare that the auto is a sentiment which has coddled us long enough in its slow abstractions in ocean liners and noises and ideas. Nevertheless we externalize facility we seek the central essence and we are happy when we can hide it; we do not want everybody to understand this because it is the balcony of Dada, I assure you. From which you can hear the military marches and descend slicing the air like a seraph in a public bath to piss and comprehend the parable

electrogirls: Dada is not madness – or wisdom – or irony take a good look at me kind bourgeois Art was a game of trinkets children collected words with a tinkling on the end then they went and shouted stanzas and they put a little doll’s shoes on the stanza and the stanza turned into a queen to die a little and the queen turned into a wolverine and the children ran till they all turned green

electrogirls: Then came the great Ambassadors of sentiment and exclaimed historically in chorus
psychology psychology heehee
electrogirls: Science Science Science

electrogirls: vive la France
electrogirls: we are not naive
electrogirls: we are successive
electrogirls: we are exclusive
electrogirls: we are not simple
electrogirls: and we are all quite able to discuss the intelligence.

electrogirls: But we Dada are not of their opinion for art is not serious I assure you and if in exhibiting crime we learnedly say ventilator, it is to give you pleasure kind reader I love you so I swear I do adore you

electrogirls: I’m from California. How about you?


In other news, I’ve been IMing stangers with webcams. I like IMing strangers. It gives me a chance to practice my Esperanto. But the webcam thing, I do not get. First, let’s talk angles and lighting. If the webcam is top of the monitor, you are facing it. This is a good angle. But nobody wants their light source coming from there, as it would cause glare and make it hard to read the screen. So the picture is backlit and weird looking. Or you can put the webcam on the side, but then the angle is odd as far as the Sci-fi idea of visual communication goes. Also, looking at people typing on their computer is not the most exciting image in the world. Unless they were naked or something. But there seems to be a sort of greenish pall that would hinder that. And most people I encounter, online or off, I don’t want to see naked. Maybe if I kept being IMed by 18-34 year old lesbians, but so far I think it’s all guys. There is something strangely fascinating about it though. It’s voyeristic, sort of, especially since I don’t have a webcam myself. It’s like watching somebody broadcasting live from their living room. People jokes this is what the TV show Big Brother was all about. People were getting so voyeristic they just wanted to watch each other living life on TV. At least with a webcam, there’s some back and forth chatting.