Looking for tuba in all the wrong places

londonjack76: hello there
londonjack76: how r u doing???
electrogirls: hi
electrogirls: i’m looking for a sousaphone
electrogirls: do you have one?
londonjack76: what is that ??
londonjack76: please explain
electrogirls: it’s a type of tuba designed for playing while walking or marching
electrogirls: a regular tuba would be ok too, as long as there was a way to walk with it
londonjack76: hehe i am so stoned
londonjack76: and i can barely understant
londonjack76: d
londonjack76: what is a tuba
electrogirls: a tuba is a musical instrument.
electrogirls: it’s very low and usually made out of brass (but someties also plastic)
electrogirls: it sounds like “oompa oompa”
londonjack76: ahh wow i was so confused
londonjack76: i thought is was some sex tool
londonjack76: hehehe
electrogirls: there’s like 3 or 4 feet tall and weigh 60 lbs. you’d need a big bed to have sex with a tuba involved
electrogirls: they’re wide too
londonjack76: escellent
londonjack76: sexcellent
electrogirls: i guss not that much bigger than a really fat fifth grader
londonjack76: tahts good
londonjack76: so sorry no i dont have one
londonjack76: heheh are were you expecting me to have one of those??
electrogirls: maybe you have a friend with one?
londonjack76: comeon now
londonjack76: hehe i dont think so
electrogirls: i’m looking for a cheap one to play during anti-war riots
electrogirls: i don’t want to take my good one out in the street in case it gets clubbed by a cop or hit with a tear gas canister
londonjack76: yeah i agree with you
londonjack76: nopes i dont sorry
electrogirls: it would totally suck if a tear gas canister went in the bell (the bell is then end that sound comes out of, about 4 feet in diameter)
londonjack76: so your going to the riot??
electrogirls: you’d probably never be able to play it again without accidentally gassing people
electrogirls: well, i try to avoid riots
electrogirls: they’re dangerous
londonjack76: i know
londonjack76: are a cute women ??
londonjack76: if you are dont go
electrogirls: but sometimes you can be marching down the street, minding your own vuisiness with a few hundred other people, just blocking traffic and playing tunes
electrogirls: and then suddenly cops with tear gas and clubs are after you
londonjack76: hehe guys will be all after you ( drunk guys )
londonjack76: heheh
electrogirls: the women being arrested in san francisco on thursday were really really vute
electrogirls: cute
electrogirls: after guys started seeing them being arrested, tey went out to be arrested too
londonjack76: heheh i wouldlove to be arrested with a cute women
londonjack76: why dont we get arrested together
londonjack76: 🙂
electrogirls: anti-war protesters are hela cute
electrogirls: hella
electrogirls: (hella means “very”)
electrogirls: well, getting arrested would be fun, but a i need a cheap sousaphone first
londonjack76: ahh
londonjack76: hehe you and the sousaphone
londonjack76: hehe
electrogirls: a sousaphone is a tuba kind of shaped like a hula-hoop
electrogirls: you see them in marching bands
londonjack76: yeah i get it
londonjack76: now i know

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