I’ve been posting comunist rantings to yahoo news buliten boards, mainly under the name “hungry_pinko,” to promote http://www.pancakesforpinkos.com. In short, the people don’t need [news story subject], they need healthcare, education, housing, jobs and a hearty breakfast. (I support http://www.pancakesforpinkos.com).
The differnce between me and Mitch is that he’s a libretarian and I really do have big leftist leanings. The proletariat do need all of that and adequate vacation time too. I support the UN charter thingee on human rights. In fact, screw the economy. What we need is housing, healthcare, education, lesiure time, art, music, books and hearty breakfasts. I say we pick a few consumer goods we really like and fully automate their production. then we make sure all the food gets to where it needs to go, but we switch to sustainable agriculture. We don’t need to export and destroy farmers overseas. Screw that. Farmers are highly estemeed. Then we keep making medical stuff. Doctors are highly esteemed. And we still have schools and school stuff like textbooks and crayons, only the textbooks are not full of lies. Teachers are highly esteemed. And we make passive solar houses out of stuff we have sitting around and other highly eficient building materials. Civil Engineers, materials scientists and construction workers are highly esteemed, but quite a bit rarer than they are now. We have millions of acres of wasted retail space which will be converted to other pruposes. We may not need to build buildings except after earthquakes and the like, or maybe for big art shows, like the Bienalle. And everyone who is not a farmer, train worker (train workers are highly esteemed), doctor, nurse (nurses are highly esteemed), teacher, janitor (supremely highly esteemed), civil engineer, construction worker or material engineer can go and work in the publishing industry (also esteemed) or be a scroungy unesteemed artist, musician or writer. Most everyone can and will make art, so why esteem it unless it’s exceptional? Anyway, the proletariat need more compassion, less conservativism, respect for their humam rights and a hearty breakfast.

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