It is entirely clear that in our current system, few people other than artists enjoy their jobs so much that they would keep doing them if they didn�t have to. It is also clear that our current system is entirely unsustainable. Our primary goal in our current system is economic growth. This means we must keep making more things every year than we did the year before, over and above any population growth. And such is our system that if we fail to grow in a year, we are in a recession and many people end up out of work. Popularly, this is not seen as a shortcoming of the system, but rather as a moral failing of the individuals affected. Furthermore, the system requires the middle class to consume more and more every year. There is only so much stuff that people want to have, however, so that it is necessary to make things disposable. The only way to keep the middle classes consuming more and more is to make them throw away what they already have. This ever-rising so-called �standard of living� does not grow higher when people must work at jobs that they do not like so they can buy things to throw them away. Meanwhile, the environmental and human costs of raw materials continue to mount. For a few to live like disposable aristocracy, others must live in poverty and environmental damage and wasting of resources must mount higher and higher.

Because this kind of capitalist excess is socially and environmentally unstable and unsustainable, it will fall. The only question is how. We can sit and wait until the ocean levels rise, disastrous uncharacteristic weather patterns pummel us, and asymmetric warfare rains down upon us from all sides, or we can act now and avert carnage, extinctions and continuing genocide.

Aside from these points, the primary weakness of our system is over and under centralization. Some systems are over centralized. Other systems have no central planning whatsoever. All of these systems are setup as inefficiently as possible so that elite individuals can profit off the inefficiency and pocket the difference between dollars spent and value received.

We can build a better system. We can break away from the old one.

I foresee the western parts of the United States breaking away from the Union. People in Northern California, Oregon and Washington will say no more to a system where civil rights have been whittled down to the right to chose what color car to buy. We will say no more to enslaving the third world for private profit. We will say no more to people being poisoned by pesticides, condemned to poverty and stuck toiling away our lives in stupid jobs that offer us no freedom or leisure time.

We will couple automation with sustainable development. Nobody�s time will be more valuable than anyone else�s. Production will be to fit human needs rather than capitalistic growth. Things are valuable only in so much as the benefit human lives. We will cease production of pointlessly disposable items. Durable goods will actually be durable, re-usable and recyclable. Buildings will not be knocked over for no reason. Instead of principles of capital and ownership, we will have principles of use and collectivization. People will form voluntary associations locally to meet local needs. Every home will be a squat. The residents will have the means to maintain their homes and their collective living arrangements.

Corporations will cease, with all factory production automated and run by the government. Less will be made, because less will be needed. As much as possible, items produced locally will be consumed locally.

People will brew their own beer, and their own biodiesel, and generate their own power with the solar arrays on their roofs. Yet many tools will be owned in common. Few people actually need their own vacuum cleaner. Almost no one who has one uses it everyday. Because of growth, inefficiency and systems of ownership, people currently must buy all the tools they might ever need. However, alternatives exist even now. In Berkeley, there is a tool library that residents with a library card may check out tools from. I foresee a future where many tools are owned in common by neighborhoods, blocks, buildings or associations. The interconnectedness and interdependence of all people will be clear. No one�s time will be worth more or less than anyone else�s. The currency will be measured in hours.

People will still work as teachers, as nurses, as firefighters as repair people, but fewer hours will be required. These people will have time to peruse art, sports, music, crafts, and passion. No one will be made to live in poverty for the benefit of anyone else.

This can and will come about. There is no reason to continue our unequal, disposable and militaristic social systems. Too often we resemble what is worst about human nature. There is no reason not to resemble the best. The technology we require is present. All we need is the will to make our vision happen.

Yahoo posting:

Anarchism is not really a new idea, but it’s not one that’s yet been implemented on a large scale AFAIK. the pancakesforpinkos movement is based largely on the writings of John Cage, but also on other post-capitalist theories and the moralist approach of Noam Chomsky.

For an explination of anarcho-socialism, a good reference is a work by John Cage called “Overpopulation and Art.” It’s published in a book called _John Cage: Composed in America_. you can find out more information about that book from the pancakesforpinkos website.

In short, we believe in all of the rights accorded to workers in the UN charter. These include healthcare, education, adequate leisure time and a great many others. We believe very strongly in freedom of association, since that is the very basis of anarchism and also in government responcibility to coordinate for the social welfare of all, which is the socialism part. Our utopic society would feature limitted mandatory government service, but also squats, a use-based system instead of an ownership model and production based on human need rather than profit.

We beleive that implicit in this system and in worker’s rights is a right to a hearty breakfast:

Communism has embraced an international outlook from the onset. It has long been recognized than nationalism is nothing more than tool whereby the ruling classes can divide and disunify the workers, thus protecting their ability to exploit the workers for their own greedy ends. Marx himself wrote in The Communist Manifesto, “Workers of the wrold unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.” The potential gains of the unified, internationalized workers are many. Not the least of which is a hearty breakfast.

The need for a hearty breakfast has long been recognized by eastern bloc countries and was a long term goal of centralized soviet planning. Furthermore, it was recognized that a meeting place was required in the west. A place where those who realized that the international proletariat need a hearty meal to start the day, could identify easily and without prompting. Such a venture was established in 1958 and has since spread throughout the industrialized nations of the USA, Canada and Japan. This venture was completely covert. In every way this meeting place resembles any other buisiness in these countries. Many members of management are unaware. But the workers stand by read to seize the means of production and provide hearty breakfasts to the proletariat in conjunction with a generalized workers strike and communist revolution.

Astute readers should have no trouble recognizing an international provider of pancakes. Perhaps there is one in your town. That is where you can meet your comrades, have a hearty breakfast and discuss the overthrow of the capitalist system. Just ask your server for the “Red Star Pancake Special.”

The yahoo post

“I wonder if global warming also has something to do with the spread of AIDS?”

Now you’ve done it. Given the lefties another idea for another study for another waste of tax dollars. Oh well, they would have spent our money anyway.

The reply

ghost_shape, this is an example of good, right thinking. You are the sort of man that is rare on yahoo boards. Our tax dollars should not be spent by lefties on touchy-feely human rights programs or research into human diseases. Our money should be spent on weapons to defeat the remnants of communism. castro is still there in cuba and he’s armed! china is still communist. Just because the soviet union went underground does not mean that communism is not still a threat.

the rest of our excess money should be returned to the corporations who earned it and their owners.

those lefties are always thinking of ways to divert money from arms and industry into useless studies designed to improve people’s lives. And then they want to spend the rest of it on other touchy-feely things like pancakes breakfasts. documented:

I’ve been posting comunist rantings to yahoo news buliten boards, mainly under the name “hungry_pinko,” to promote In short, the people don’t need [news story subject], they need healthcare, education, housing, jobs and a hearty breakfast. (I support
The differnce between me and Mitch is that he’s a libretarian and I really do have big leftist leanings. The proletariat do need all of that and adequate vacation time too. I support the UN charter thingee on human rights. In fact, screw the economy. What we need is housing, healthcare, education, lesiure time, art, music, books and hearty breakfasts. I say we pick a few consumer goods we really like and fully automate their production. then we make sure all the food gets to where it needs to go, but we switch to sustainable agriculture. We don’t need to export and destroy farmers overseas. Screw that. Farmers are highly estemeed. Then we keep making medical stuff. Doctors are highly esteemed. And we still have schools and school stuff like textbooks and crayons, only the textbooks are not full of lies. Teachers are highly esteemed. And we make passive solar houses out of stuff we have sitting around and other highly eficient building materials. Civil Engineers, materials scientists and construction workers are highly esteemed, but quite a bit rarer than they are now. We have millions of acres of wasted retail space which will be converted to other pruposes. We may not need to build buildings except after earthquakes and the like, or maybe for big art shows, like the Bienalle. And everyone who is not a farmer, train worker (train workers are highly esteemed), doctor, nurse (nurses are highly esteemed), teacher, janitor (supremely highly esteemed), civil engineer, construction worker or material engineer can go and work in the publishing industry (also esteemed) or be a scroungy unesteemed artist, musician or writer. Most everyone can and will make art, so why esteem it unless it’s exceptional? Anyway, the proletariat need more compassion, less conservativism, respect for their humam rights and a hearty breakfast.