You can get really used to being unpopular

Grad schools like me. I don’t know what to think. Then I get you’re-great email from somebody on a mailing list I’m subbed to. . .. Don’t these people realize that I was the second grader chasing people around with snot? I’m not cool. My music is amaturish. I can’t spell. If I were a better person, I’d be marching with the anarcho-communists against war, not messing around with burgeouise music and graduate school. Or I’d at least have the tapes and music done for tomorrow done by now. I at least got my trio written. The name is a pun. In Esperanto, it means “[the Esperanto name of my Esp teacher] Trio.” Bilingually, it means “Trio Trio.” In English, It’s “Trio [Proper Noun].” I have a midifile of it that goes way too fast and I can’t slow it down because protools is broken again. Listen to Trio Triopo. Of course, it’s completely student-y, since I’ve never written for those instruments before. I don’t even know if the flute will be drowned out irl or what.


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