So I posted saying that I was going to work on all sorts of things. what did I actually do? spent wayyy too much time trying to figure out why sound doesn’t play on the beta version of Java Just Intonation Calculator. the aduio part isn’t written yet. But the calculating part works. They should put the source at sourceforge so some resourceful person can fix it. then I played with my dog for a while. Then, I figured out how to say/sing “The orphans suffocated” in Solresol. (Listen) Then I got food with Christi. then she wanted to see the Matrix, so we called Amy to see if she wanted to see it to. Amy already had plans to go see another movie for free at a little film festival at the Jupiter bar. So we said ok.
While Christi was getting her sweatshirt to leave, she kicked something and broke her toe. So we were a little late. when we showed up, it was really crowded, so Amy and Christi decided that we should go see the Matrix instead.

Review of The Matrix Reloaded

It sucked.


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