timbral analysis

nick collins is talking about timbral analysis and phase vocoders, which is supercollider-ese for ffts.

i missed the first couple of minutes of this becasue there is an installarion outside of solar-powered speakers in trees, doing bird song ;ike sounds, which played madonna’s ‘like a virgin’ when i walked by and i had to fall over laughing. Hahahah

ok, back to the present AtsSynth does some cool stuff with pitch shifting.

scott wilson’s ugens do loris stuff. Which is noise modulated sine tones. Sinusoidal peak detection.

TPV ugen does pure sinsoidal stuff. Sines and phases. Takes an fft chain input and creates sine outputs with resynthesis. Finds n peaks and uses that number of sinusoids. This is cool. And is part of sc 3.3

SMS is spectral modelling synthesis. Sines plus noise. This is slightly expensive. But it preserves formants in repitching. So it sounds right with shifting speech.

good stuff!

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