timbral analysis

dan stowell is talking about beatboxing and machine listening

live blogging the supercollider symposium

analyze one signal and use it to control another. Pitch and amplitude are done. So let’s do timbre remapping.

extract features from sound, decorrelate and reduce dimensions, map it to a space. What features to use? Mfccs, spectral crest factors. That’s looking for peaks vs flatness.

his experiments use simulated degredation to make sure it works in performance.

voice works well with mfccs, but are not noise robust. Spectral crests are xomplimntaery and are npise robust. The two give you a lot of info.

a lot of different analysis give you useful information about perceptual differences.

now he’s talking about an 8bit chip and controlling it. Was this on boing boing or something recently?

spectral centroid 95th percentile of energy from the left ahows rolloff frequency.

he’s showing a video of the inside of his throat

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