Writing my Legislators

Dear Honourable Hancock and Skinner,

I’m writing about anti-LGBT bullying in California schools. It was with great distress that I read about the suicide of Seth Walsh in Tehachapi. As you probably know, he was a victim of daily bullying at school by homophobic classmates.

Suicides rates of LGBT youth in California are unacceptably high and bullying is often a factor in these deaths. I hope that the State of California will take action to ensure that schools take bullying seriously and take steps to stop it. I hope also that schools will give the message to LGBT students and their peers that LGBT people are valuable members of society.

LGBT kids need to be safe in small towns as much as they are in big cities. It is not good enough to have a few safe areas, like the Bay Area. Kids in small towns are more isolated and need as much or more protection from harassment and bullying.

Thank you for your time.

Charles Hutchins

I think national action should be taken on this, but also local and state. You can find out who your CA state legislators are at http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html. When you write, include your home address, so they know you live in their district.

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