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naming is the fundamental control mechanism of supercollider (unnamed gets garbage collected).
‘play’ generates instances. It returns a new object of a different class, which confuses n00bs. What you see on the screen does not give you a clue.
The object that defines the work gets misidentified as the one doing the work.
jIT lib’s def classes solves this problem. It makes it easier to share code. Play messages go to the def class. The def classs gives it all a name.
node proxies give you a gui for free also and is also useful pedagogically.
PatternConductor is a interactive control easier than EventStreamPlayer. It deals better with sustain issues.
CV is a control value constrained by an associated Spec. CV can bbe applied to several different contexts simutaneously. Touch is a companion class that does something complex about a CV’s value.
Ron is rewriting Conductor and I should talk to him about this.
yield is a bummer for beginners writing co-routines.


is confusing.
Pspawnern is a class that seeks to be less confusing syntactically. It does something with Prouts that’s slightly confusing….
Syntactic convience yields conceptual confusion…
he’s asking if Pspawnern is a good idea.
Pspawner is a hybrid between patterns and Routines. One of my students would have loved this. He says it’s a compositional strategy about notation and direction in scores. I may also come to love this class.
And he took no questions!

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