Sc symposium – lily play – bernardo barros

music notation with supercollider
he used to use OpenMusic, but then moved to linux.
OpenMusic is IRCAM software in common lisp for algorithmic music composition. It looks like max, but makes notation.
SC can do everything om can do except the notation visualisation.
he uses LilyPond. INScore might be faster.
LilyPond is free and cross-platform. It’s simple.
He’s done 3 projects? superFomus and LilyCollider.


Uses fomus ( Works with events and patterns. It outputs to lillypond and mjusescore
this is cool
he’s showing a useage case with xenakis’s sieves. He’s got some functions as sieves and then does set operations.
this doesn’t work well with metric structures. You’re stuck wrt bar lengths.


division and addition models of rhythm
rhythm trees can represent almost all kins of rythm. It’s an array of duration and division that can be nested.
he is using a syntax that i don’t know at all… Someone in front of me has a help file open on list comprehensions.
he’s got a very compelling looking score open.
in future he wants to use spanners by abjad to handle some markings. And also he wants some help and feedback for future versions.


can you use this to get from MIDI to LilyPond? Yes, with Fomus.
what about includes? You can make a template.

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