How do commissions work?

Let’s say your friend has a birthday next week. Would I be able to do something? How does the commissioning process work?

  1. If your delivery date is less than two weeks away, please contact me before ordering. Depending on my schedule, etc, I will probably be able to accommodate you, but it’s a good idea to make sure!
  2. You would then order the commission and I would get to work making it. Do you want a physical CD posted to you or not? When you order, check that you’ve picked the right item in the shop. One comes with a CD. The other doesn’t.
  3. Within a few days, I will send you via email a link to a high quality audio file.
  4. After you listen to the file and decide on a tile, you would send me back the title and dedication.
  5. If you ordered a physical CD, I would then post it to you via first or second class post.
  6. If you would like an MP3 with the correct metadata (including title, etc), I can send that to you via email.
  7. I normally would then post the audio online to my website. However, if this is a gift, I’m happy to hold off until after you give the person a file or disk. Or post it right away so you can link them to the site. Whichever works best for you!

Commissions make excellent birthday gifts. In fact, this is the most popular use of commissions! However, they can also be used to mark other dates or events, like the holidays! Although I can usually do last minute commissions for birthdays, with larger holidays, its safer to plan in advance! If you order in November, delivery is guaranteed in time for Hanukkah or Christmas!

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