Live coding as a part of a free improv orchestra by Antonio Goulart and Miguel Antar

He is doing only code and not processing other people.

He does no breast tracking. Joe to communicate well with other improvisers. They try to be non idiomatic.

Performers should be able to play together based only on sound with no knowledge of other instruments. They try to play without memory.

Acoustic instruments are immediate, but live coding has lag, which provides opportunity to create future sounds.

He didn’t used to project code, so as to not grab to much attention. But the free imprison acoustics guys Jammed More together, so he thought screen showing would help people play more together.

This did help, and does not distract audiences, so they kept it.

It turns out that some knowledge of each others instruments is needed to play well together. Should instrumentalists learn a bit of code to play with live coders? Or is that too much to ask? Would it be too distracting when they’re trying to play?

There is a discussion about projection in the question section….

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