Extramuros: a browser coding thingee by David Ogborn et al

Uses node.is, which he says is duct tape for network music.

It supports distributed ensembles and has language neutrality. Server client model.

Browser interface, piped to language from server.

It is aesthetically austere.

There have been several performances.

It is also useful for projecting ensembles live code. And for screen sharing. And for doing workshops with low configuration. (He says no configuration)

Running this means giving access to a high priority running thread on your machine…

Future work: it allows for JavaScript and osc right now. They want to do event visualisation. There are synchronisation issues. Phasing is an issue. What about stochastic stuff? When people write unpredictable, untimed code, unpredictable, untimed things happen. Apparently this is bad.

We are being made to participate. In tidal.

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