Live writing: asynchronous live coding

People collaborating can be Co located out distant, synchronous or asynchronous.

Asynchronous live coding is a thing, like sending code over email. There are ways to communicate etc. Open form scores, static code, screen cast, audio recording

Music notation is meant to allow this. He says live coding is improvised or composed on real time. So how to archive performances or rehearsals.

Studio can be recorded or there are symbolic recordings, like code or notation. Code and notation are not equivalent. In traditional music, midi files are between the recording and the score. it has time stamps etc.

What is the equivalent of a midi file for live coders?

He’s showing Gibber in a web browser. It records his keystrokes with time stamps, saves it to a server, and can be played back.

There are other systems like this, like threnoscope by Magnusson.

Show us your screens. Happens outside of live coding. Game streaming. Programmer streaming for not live coding.

Writing as music performance. Write a poem, sonority the typing and do stuff based on character content.

Written communication is asynchronous. Recording keystrokes can make writing into a real time experience. Or reading. Or whatever.

As there is no sense of audience, the experience is the same as non live writing. The trading experience is really different, though.

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