NEXUS UI: simplified expresive mobile development

This is a distributed performance system for the web. started being focussed on the server, but changed toelp with user interface development tools. Anything that uses a browser can use it, but they’re into mobile devices.
They started with things like knobs, sliders and now offer widgets of various sorces. This is slightly gimmicky, but ok.
NexusUI.js allows you to access the interface. The example is very short and has some toys on it.
They’re being very handy-wavy about how and where audio happens. (they say this runs on a refrigerator (with a browser), but the tilt might not be supported in that case)
Audio! You can use Web Audio if you love javascript. Can use AJAX to send it to servers or Node.js rails, whatever. Can also send to libPD on iOS. nx.sendTo(‘node’) for node.js
They are showing a slide of how to get OSC data from the UI object.
This is a great competitor to touchOSC, as far as I can tell form this paper.
However, Nexus is a platform. There is a template for building new interfaces. It’s got nifty core features.
They are showing a demo of a video game for iphone that uses libPD

Now they are testifying as to ease of use. They have made a bunch of Max tutorials for each nexus object. Tutorials on how to set up on a local server. They have a nexusDrop ui interface builder makes it very competitive with touchOSC, but more generally useful. Comes with an included server or something.
NexusUP is a max thingee that will automagically build a nexusUI based on your pre-existing max patch. (whoah)
Free and open source software
Building a bunch of tools for their mobile phone orchestra.

Tactile overlays

laser cut a thingee in the shape of your ui. put it on your ipad and you get a tactile sense of the interface.


Can they show this on the friday hackathon?