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“I wonder if global warming also has something to do with the spread of AIDS?”

Now you’ve done it. Given the lefties another idea for another study for another waste of tax dollars. Oh well, they would have spent our money anyway.

The reply

ghost_shape, this is an example of good, right thinking. You are the sort of man that is rare on yahoo boards. Our tax dollars should not be spent by lefties on touchy-feely human rights programs or research into human diseases. Our money should be spent on weapons to defeat the remnants of communism. castro is still there in cuba and he’s armed! china is still communist. Just because the soviet union went underground does not mean that communism is not still a threat.

the rest of our excess money should be returned to the corporations who earned it and their owners.

those lefties are always thinking of ways to divert money from arms and industry into useless studies designed to improve people’s lives. And then they want to spend the rest of it on other touchy-feely things like pancakes breakfasts. documented:

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