Communism has embraced an international outlook from the onset. It has long been recognized than nationalism is nothing more than tool whereby the ruling classes can divide and disunify the workers, thus protecting their ability to exploit the workers for their own greedy ends. Marx himself wrote in The Communist Manifesto, “Workers of the wrold unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.” The potential gains of the unified, internationalized workers are many. Not the least of which is a hearty breakfast.

The need for a hearty breakfast has long been recognized by eastern bloc countries and was a long term goal of centralized soviet planning. Furthermore, it was recognized that a meeting place was required in the west. A place where those who realized that the international proletariat need a hearty meal to start the day, could identify easily and without prompting. Such a venture was established in 1958 and has since spread throughout the industrialized nations of the USA, Canada and Japan. This venture was completely covert. In every way this meeting place resembles any other buisiness in these countries. Many members of management are unaware. But the workers stand by read to seize the means of production and provide hearty breakfasts to the proletariat in conjunction with a generalized workers strike and communist revolution.

Astute readers should have no trouble recognizing an international provider of pancakes. Perhaps there is one in your town. That is where you can meet your comrades, have a hearty breakfast and discuss the overthrow of the capitalist system. Just ask your server for the “Red Star Pancake Special.”

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