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sam pluta wrote some live video software. It’s inspired by glitchbot, meapsoft

glitchbot records sequnces and loops and stutters them. Records 16 bar phrase and loops and tweaks it. I think i have seen this. It can add beats and do subloops, etc

the sample does indeed sound glitchy

probability control can be clumsy in live performance. Live control of beats is hard.

MEAPSoft does reordering.

his piece from the last symposium used a sample bank which he can interpret and record his interpretting and then do stuff with that. So there are two layers of improvisation. It has a small initial parameter space nad uses a little source to make a lot of stuff.

i remember his pice from last time

what he learned from that was that it was good, especially for noisy music. And he controlled it by hitting a lot of keys which was awesome

he wrote an acoustic oiece using sound block. Live instruments can do looping differently, you can make the same note longer.

so he wrote michel chion’s book on film and was influenced. He started finding sound moments in films. And decided to use them for source material.

sci-fi films have the best sound, he says.

playing a lot of video clips in fast succession is hard, because you need a format that renders single frames quickly. Pixlet format is good for that.

audio video synch is hard with quicktime, so he loaded audio into sc and did a bridge to video with quartz composer.

qc is efficient at rendering

he wanted to make noisy loops, like to change them. You can’t buffer video loops in the same way, so he needed to create metaloops of playback information. So looped data.

a loop contains pointers to movies clips, but starts from where he last stopped. Which sounds right

he organized the loops by category, kissing, car chases, drones,etc

this is an interesting way of organizing and might help my floundering blake piece.

he varies loop duration based on the section of the piece.

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