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Anarchism is not really a new idea, but it’s not one that’s yet been implemented on a large scale AFAIK. the pancakesforpinkos movement is based largely on the writings of John Cage, but also on other post-capitalist theories and the moralist approach of Noam Chomsky.

For an explination of anarcho-socialism, a good reference is a work by John Cage called “Overpopulation and Art.” It’s published in a book called _John Cage: Composed in America_. you can find out more information about that book from the pancakesforpinkos website.

In short, we believe in all of the rights accorded to workers in the UN charter. These include healthcare, education, adequate leisure time and a great many others. We believe very strongly in freedom of association, since that is the very basis of anarchism and also in government responcibility to coordinate for the social welfare of all, which is the socialism part. Our utopic society would feature limitted mandatory government service, but also squats, a use-based system instead of an ownership model and production based on human need rather than profit.

We beleive that implicit in this system and in worker’s rights is a right to a hearty breakfast:

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